Tras Street, between Enggor and Cook Street, is lined with many shop houses. As part of the Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area, these shop houses, considered to be pre-war buildings, are homes to shops, eateries, pubs, boutiques and offices. A portion of the street, from its junction with Wallich Street until its end at Cook Street, is a one-way road which is a short distance walk to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

The street was named in 1898 after a Malaysian town called Tras, in accordance with a municipal resolution to “use names of rivers and districts in the Malay Peninsula as being better adapted to the naming of streets.” It is also formerly called Cho-su kong khau by the Hokkiens and Cho-sz kong and zu shi gong kou by Cantonese, which means “Mouth of the Cho Su Kong temple” referring to the Hong San See Temple initially built there before its relocation to Mohamed Sultan Road due to the road widening project in 1908.

A visit to Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan Zoisl is a must when you find yourself in the area. Every guest will be treated to a chef’s table experience; from a bespoke menu prepared with the freshest, seasonal produce, to table service by none other than the culinary maestros from the kitchen – Stephan Zoisl and his creative partner, Lorenz Raich. The restaurant’s intimate and unique concept, asking guests to choose ingredients they enjoy rather than ones they’d rather avoid resulting to a one-of-a-kind expertly prepared dish, is definitely a game-changer to the fine dining scene. Having no set menu, the interaction and collaboration between each diner and the chefs creates limitless possibilities and guarantees no repetition.




Floor Unit Area SQ M Area SQ FT Status
Ground Floor Restaurant 146.2 1573.7 Tenanted
2nd Floor Office 117.6 1265.8 Available from July 2020
Attic Office 39.7 427.3 Available from July 2020

*Floor area with surveyor’s endorsements. Floor plan available upon request.